Andre Pacheco

I attended the Auburndale combine in Florida and was amazed at the level of professionalism and dedication Soccerviza had to showcase top talent. The experience was great all around. I met professional coaches who the organization brought in to assess the players as well as other agents in attendance and the players themselves. It was great to meet "real" agents who have the players best interest at heart. Meeting the players was a great experience as many of them had the same desire and dedication to pursue a professional career within the sport. The facilities were great and the training schedules were well timed to showcase the players abilities in different scenarios. It was truly a pleasure to watch and I would recommend Soccerviza to any player or aspiring players to attend. More opportunities like this are needed in order to showcase the top talent and give them the opportunity needed to get in front of trained professionals to be seen.

- Andre Pacheco
Player's Agent
Nexus Sports Group
Mobile: (905) 325 9221