Olafur Brynjolfsson

SoccerViza is doing a tremendous job helping soccer players connect with professional clubs. I attended the Danbury, CT (2014) event, to see what SoccerViza was all about, and to scout potential players for my club. Not only was quality high, but SoccerViza did a great job running the event. They tailored their event so I could see every aspect of the players in attendance, their form, technique, speed and something else that is very important to see their character. I got to witness how they reacted when something doesn't work out as they wished on the football pitch.

In Iceland clubs are beginning to look more and more for soccer players from USA. Why? There is more quality in players that we coaches here in Iceland thought it would be. After my visit to Danbury, there is one thing I'm sure about, that I want to attend more SoccerViza events in the future to scout for possible players.

Olafur Brynjolfsson
Head Coach
Grotta FC