CONFIRMED: Josue Soto Signs For Queretaro U-20s
Josue Soto, a standout at SoccerViza’s Dallas combine, has signed his first professional contract after impressing in pre-season for Queretaro’s U-20s. Soto, a 19-year old Mexican-American from Riverside, California, will finish pre-season with Queretaro before the season begins at the end of July.

By: Christopher McCollum

Today marked the official end of Josue Soto’s trial period with Queretaro’s U-20 setup in Mexico, as he signed on and was made an official part of the Gallos Blancos roster for the 2015/16 season.

After successfully trialing with the club following SoccerViza’s Dallas combine in March, where Josue was a standout player and identified by Queretaro scout Mauricio Pedroza, he was brought back in to see if he could continue to impress in pre-season. Following two weeks of two-a-day training sessions, Josue was offered a contract.

“I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have no words. I know it’s taken a long time, and I have so many people to thank. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get here.” Josue told SoccerViza following his signing.

The news was unexpected, coming as a mundane request to go to the administrative office to fill out some paperwork.

“The coaches told as at the beginning of the week that they were going to make some cuts. I was expecting a list or something to let us know we were on the team, but today we finished training and he told a couple of us to go to the main office and fill out some paperwork. I thought it was nothing special, I’ve been filling out paperwork since I got here. I got there, and they said we might be waiting for awhile, up to two hours. I was thinking ‘man, why am I going to wait here for two hours,’ and then the lady told us that our contracts were on the way. I decided then I’d wait two hours, five hours, however long it took,” Josue said with a laugh.

It’s been a series of adjustments for Josue this pre-season, not only getting used to a more rigorous training regimen than he’s ever experienced, but also getting used to a new position that the coaching staff see him as a potential player in. All his life as an attacking player, either a number 10 or as a striker, Josue has seen himself adjusting to life as an outside back, where his speed and technical ability make him a potential devastating weapon for Queretaro going forward.

The reactions back home have been predictable; it’s a mix of awe and excitement as the news spread from person to person, home to home, field to field, that the young man a community watched grow up and learn how to play just signed his first professional contract at 19-years old.

“Everyone has been saying that it’s all the hard work, the dedication to the sport, and I agree.... but it also has so much to do though with the support and the love I’ve had through this journey. That, with the help from God, it’s been an unbelievable support network.”

With just a few weeks left in the pre-season before the Torneo kicks off, Queretaro will be squaring off in pre-season games against some of their rivals from the season ahead; rivals such as Club America and Atlas, the breeding ground for stars of the future and now opponents for the Southern California native who has made the first step to carving out a career in the land of his heritage.

“I just want to thank SoccerViza,” Josue remarked before getting off the phone. “Everyone’s been there, helping me reach my destination, helping me all along the way of this journey, I just want to say thank you again.”

The U-20 season starts at the end of July. You can follow along with Josue’s progress by staying tuned to SoccerViza news releases.