Player Logs: Uche Onyeador Checks In
SoccerViza alum and KF Aegir playmaker Uche Onyeador checked in with us from Iceland this week to give us a glimpse into life on the Nordic Island. Uche is a graduate of Georgetown University and will be providing occasional updates through the season on what it's like to be living and playing in Iceland.

By Uche Onyeador

My name is Uche Onyeador, and I play professional soccer for KF Aegir in Thorlakshofn, Iceland. I moved here in late April so it’s been a little over two months now that I’ve lived here and have been adjusting to the new culture on and off the field. So far it’s been the perfect place to start my career, and it would be easy for me to go into details about practices, games, and everything else involved in playing in the first blog. However, I want to talk about how great an experience it’s been off the field instead.

The people in Iceland, especially in Thorlakshofn, are very welcoming so it’s making the transition to a new country much easier for me. I’ve had a chance to visit some of the main attractions in the capital, Reykjavik, with my teammates, and they were very memorable experiences. For example, we got to see the Hallgrimskirkja, the largest church in Iceland. There’s a reason why thousands of toursists come to visit Iceland every year; the mountains, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking landscapes make it not only a great attraction, but a great place to live as well.

(Uche Onyeador, second right, joined by fellow SoccerViza alums Will Daniels, left, and Brentton Muhammad, second left)

I’ll check back in soon with another update about Iceland, for now I’ve got to get ready for our game this weekend against Leiknir!