SoccerViza: Not Your Ordinary Experience

To understand SoccerViza, look no further than our founder, Joe Funicello. Joe was a standout high school, premier, and Olympic Development player who wanted nothing more than a career in the sport he loved. He muddled through semi-professional leagues, paid to attend poorly run combines, and was the victim of scheming agents.

While these experiences surely taught him lessons, none landed him the contract that he felt he deserved. Through his own effort and hard work, he established himself as a quality player in Iceland’s Premier league with Þór (Thór), and in Finland with IFK Mariehamn, VPS, and FF Jaro. Now he wants to help young players avoid the various disappointments that he endured. The solution? SoccerViza.
SoccerViza differentiates itself from other agencies and combine companies in a number of ways
We have connections to a large network of coaches that we bring to our events to look with their own eyes for additions to their team. Our competitors will often take videos of their combine and allow players to send it out (good luck!). Alternatively, they may connect you with agents – but you still aren’t being exposed to the actual coaches involved in signing players. SoccerViza has built relationships with coaches and technical directors in Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Honduras, Paraguay, Argentina, Australia, the Philippines, and China – and our network continues to grow with each passing week.
Our events are capped at a small number of participants – 60. We do this specifically so that coaches can give proper attention to the players. If you’ve ever been at an event with 200+ players – you know how impossible it can be to stand out.

The SoccerViza staff, in team with the coaches and scouts in attendance, will provide players with coaching tips and advice for taking their game to the next level. Remember – Joe has done exactly what you are trying to do – his advice is invaluable.
Our fees really are modest, and we try our best to be flexible and work as a team with potential players to resolve financial issues. Consider everything that goes into an event (flying coaches to the event; hotels; field rental; insurance; equipment, and more) – SoccerViza’s first priority is to deliver an affordable, effective experience for our players.

If we can pass savings on to the players for a particular event, we’ll definitely do so. Yes – we are a for-profit business, but we know that delivering a quality product for our players is what will yield us success in the long run – not taking advantage of them to profit in the short run.

SoccerViza’s connection to players doesn’t end on the last day of the event. After you've placed your trust in us, you're a part of what we call the SoccerViza Family, and it's something that we take very seriously. We take care to continue moving players for months after an event takes place. If you can play, we will do everything in our power to find a club for you, whether it's with a team in attendance at a combine, or through our Family of contacts around the world.

Try contacting us any time, and watch how quickly our staff gets back to you. We’re passionate about the game of soccer and want to see young players succeed!