SoccerViza Questions

What is SoccerViza?

SoccerViza was founded on a simple goal: Get talented footballers a chance to play in front of professional coaches, college coaches, and their staff so that they are given opportunities to pursue their dreams of playing at the highest level possible. We work very hard to build lasting relationships with players and coaches to help cultivate a healthy, thriving network for successful footballing careers - SoccerViza makes this happen.

 What is the difference between a Regional ID Camp and an Elite Showcase Combine?

Each region in the United States and in Canada will have a series of affordable ID Camps that will identify the best players in the pool over a two-day period. During this camp, players will have multiple games to prove that they have what it takes to move on to the Elite Showcase. Each camp will be attended by a scouting staff whose job is to identify players for the next level, and evaluate the players accordingly. The players who are selected from the ID camps will then be invited to play for free in the region's Elite Showcase in front of professional coaches who are looking to sign players for their teams directly from the event. 

What are the age requirements of a SoccerViza event?

We ask that for all events with professional coaches in attendance that you be 18 and over, but in certain circumstances may accept players as young as 16 with written permission from parent or guardian.

Does SoccerViza represent players as their agents?

We have licensed FIFA Player Agents on staff to assist in the smooth transition from prospective player to contracted professional. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our players and give them a platform to succeed. We do this by putting the player first and giving him or her the best opportunity they could ever have. We would hope that you would use our services, but you are free to choose whomever you like to represent you.