Flight Questions

How should I book my flight to a SoccerViza event?
While SoccerViza cannot arrange your travel details, we can of course answer any questions you may have about the process. The internet is an amazing source for flight bookings, but if you have any specific questions in this matter, please contact us.

When should I book my flight before a SoccerViza event?
Typically, SoccerViza will announce the event schedule well in advance to an upcoming event giving the player the chance to book a flight with the best possible price and availability. We would recommend you book as soon as you are confirmed a spot at the event you're looking to attend. Prices always fluctuate, but booking sooner than later is always the best way to go.

What if the event were to be cancelled, should I purchase flight insurance?
In the event that an event must be cancelled due to weather or any unforeseeable circumstances, we will not refund flight purchases per player. In this case flight insurance is a good way to protect yourself from this issue, especially when booking months in advance when weather can not be easily predicted. Our event director does everything he can to ensure events are held in safe climates depending on the location to ensure the event happens uninterrupted by weather or other conditions.